Before the Expo

What’s Your Goal?
  • Set a realistic goal before the event
    • Examples: Set 5 appointments at the event, speak to 20 serious prospects, collect 300 names for my mail/email follow-up list.
Review Your Display
  • Is it eye-catching to the target audience? Accurate?
  • Is it interactive? Some examples: Rent a spinning wheel for a game or a popcorn machine to draw attendees (appeals to smell and taste buds!). Some exhibitors provide free health screenings or samples.
Selecting Booth Staff
  • This is the introduction to your company – Make sure members staffing the booth enjoy people, are smiling, and are comfortable interacting with guests.
  • Appropriate dress and shoes – Be comfortable and look approachable for the target audience.
  • Train staff on what the purpose of the event is – Branding, selling, exposure, etc.
  • Events are typically busiest from the opening until lunch time – Have your booth staffed adequately at all times.

At the Expo

Make the Booth Work for You
  • Greet everyone – Happiness and friendliness are contagious, so smile.
  • Create room for discussion – Push table and chairs to the back or side of the booth.
  • Don’t sit – Standing creates energy and the idea that you are excited about your product or service. If you need to sit – consider bringing a higher stool.
  • Don’t talk, text, or tweet on your phone – People won’t want to “bother” you.
Customer Interaction
  • Encourage questions – Small “Ask about …” signs may help to begin a conversation or have a fun game.
  • Differentiate yourself – What makes your company, products, or service different from your competitor’s?
  • Remember the 80/20 rule – Listen 80 percent and talk about your services 20 percent.
  • If end of day starts to slow down – go and visit other exhibitors; you may meet a good referral source.
Lead Generation
  • Offer a door prize – Attendees enter to win and you increase your database for follow-up.
  • Pertinent information – Make sure the drawing form collects information required for quality follow-ups.
  • Have your appointment book and set on-the-spot appointments (make sure to follow up after).
  • Have a lead-rating system – Making notes and rating leads help prioritize (write directly on the paper or business card).
  • Remember “the fortune is in the follow-up”… so make this a big part of your plan for a successful day.
  • Promotional items – Tie giveaways to your exhibit’s theme, if possible.
  • Make it functional – Something guests can actually use.
  • Reading material – Make them available as most people review materials in the comfort of their home.
  • Easy follow-up – Make sure your giveaway and reading materials have your contact info imprinted on them.
After the Expo
  • The fortune is in the follow-up – Have a sample email template/letter prepared ahead of time that you can personalize.
  • Follow through promptly on any follow-up actions, invitations, samples, etc., you said you would send.
  • Place leads on newsletter lists and any other follow-up marketing lists you may have to continue to reach out.
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